Oldmachar Out Of School (Before School Club)
Breakfast Club
Type of Service:
Breakfast Club
Last Updated:
Contact details withheld
Web Site:
Not Available
Age Groups:
5 years to 16 years
Service/Vacancy Details:
Differing availability week to week - please contact me for current information.
Term Time Only
  • £7.75 per session
Further Info:
  • Accessibility?: Yes
  • Admission Policy: Yes
    • All prospective members must complete and return a Initial contact form. We will consider children's needs on an individual basis in line with our Admission Policy. Please email or telephone to discuss these. You must be a registered member and be in Primary School to access the services.
      Registration £15/family.  Registration renewal/continuation is £10/family/year which allows you to access one or all of the provisions.
  • Any Other Languages: No
  • Bus Routes?: Yes
    • Bus nos. 2
  • Do You Drop Off/ Pick Up From Playgroups, Etc?: No
  • Further Information: Yes
    • Breakfast is optional at an additional cost of £1.75/ session.
  • Other Information On Opening Times: Yes
    • As the children are escorted by foot, we escort to Middleton Park Primary and Glashieburn Primary.  Children attending Forehill Primary are dispersed from within or play in the playground then put into lines by staff before they leave at 9am
      Breakfast can be provided for an additional £1.50 per session.
  • Reductions?: No
  • Transport Used For Transporting Children ?: No
    • Children are escorted to and from Middleton Park Primary on foot.