Richard Alibon Breakfast Club

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Richard Alibon Breakfast Club
020 8270 4706
Alibon Road,
Dagenham,RM10 8DF

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We aim to help children develop enquiring minds and a love of learning; curiosity is one of our core school values. These first years of a child’s schooling sets them up for a successful life of learning in our fast changing global society. We want children to leave us with a good understanding of the world they live in; Dagenham, London and the wider world. We want them to cherish their own family values but also learn about and respect other cultures, beliefs and religions; respect is one of our core school values; a sense of self-respect a healthy respect for others and things around them.

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  • £3.00 per session

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  • Monday: 07:45 - 08:45
  • Tuesday: 07:45 - 08:45
  • Wednesday: 07:45 - 08:45
  • Thursday: 07:45 - 08:45
  • Friday: 07:45 - 08:45