Free early education and childcare for 2-year-olds



Please read the guidance to see if you are likely to be eligible before completing this check. Details are provided in the Merton Family Services Directory

If you are eligible and your child’s date of birth is between:
  • 1 January - 31 March they can start in a place from 1 April 
  • 1 April - 31 August they can start in a place from 1 September
  • 1 September - 31 December they can start in a place from 1 January
Exact start dates will be given by the provider you choose. You can find details of providers of early education places for 2-year-olds in the Merton Family Services directory

What do I need to check my eligibility?

The parent/carer who is claiming the benefit must complete the check.

You will need the following information:
  • Your National Insurance Number (NI Number) or National Asylum Support Number (NASS) Number
  • Your Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Your own personal email address (this will become your account name and you must not use your account/email address to apply for someone else)
If you need additional help with completing this check, please email

Please note - Once you create an account, your username will be your email address.