Make an in-year school application

Welcome to Surrey School Admissions in-year application portal.

You can use this portal to apply for your child to join a school outside of the normal admissions rounds for schools that currently use a Centrally Managed Application (CMA) form. Please check the Directory of Surrey schools to confirm if the school you wish to apply for uses the CMA. If the school you wish to apply for uses the School Managed Application (SMA) form this is available from the listing in the Directory of Surrey schools.

Please make sure you have read the information on our website and have all the documents you will need before starting your in-year application.

This must include two proof of address documents, any Supplementary Information forms (if required by any of your preferences as set out in the Directory of Surrey schools) but may also include proof of arrival to the UK, or any other supporting documents advised in the information on our website. If you are unable to provide the required documents, please contact 0300 200 1004 for further advice.

You can apply for in-year admission up to four school weeks before the place is needed. We will not usually process applications earlier than this except for members of the Armed Services who are being relocated to the area and Crown servants returning from overseas, who can apply up to four months in advance of a move.

We discourage unnecessary school moves, but if you feel a move would be beneficial, you must first discuss the reasons with your child's current school and try to resolve matters with them rather than seek a transfer. If you decide to move your child you will need to provide your reasons for wanting to change schools and list what you have done to try and resolve the issues with the current school. You must not withdraw your child from their current school until you have secured a place for them at another school.

If your child is currently taught outside of their normal year group, you will not be able to use the on-line service, please call 0300 200 1004 for an application form. Please ensure you have read our Guidance on the education of children out of their chronological year group.